Are You Starting a Construction Company? 3 Mistakes Naming Agencies Can Save You from Making

Many options exist regarding how to name a construction company. For instance, you may wish to find a name on your own. Another person may hire a naming agency. Which is the best approach? Read on and discover some key mistakes that hiring a naming agency may save you from making when you would like to get a name for your new construction company.

Mistake !: Focusing on the Product
Some inexperienced owners of start-ups may think that the best way to introduce a construction company to the world is by giving it a name that mentions the product that will be offered.

For example, the owner of the company may call it “Your Construction Company” in order to show what the company will be doing. Such a name may not be the best name for your new construction company because it doesn’t tell clients how different you are from all the other construction firms.

Naming agencies can save you from having a name that gets lost in the midst of the competition by giving you options that emphasize the benefits, instead of the product that your company will bring to the construction industry. Such a carefully selected name can help you to stand out from the time that you launch your new construction company.

Mistake 2: Using Acronyms

Many people make the mistake of using acronyms as the names of their construction companies. Such people may take this approach because they want to include an initial from the names of the different founders of that company.

Acronyms aren’t good as construction business names for several reasons. For instance, another company may later use the same acronym for a product or service, such as a holiday resort, that is not related to what you do. Your company will therefore keep being confused with the other one in a different field. Secondly, some acronyms are hard to pronounce. This can make it hard for you to create a memorable brand identity because potential clients may keep getting mixed views about the true identity of your company.

Naming agencies have the experience to help you to avoid the numerous pitfalls of acronyms in a business name. Their involvement in the naming process will therefore steer you away from this mistake.

Mistake 3: Use of Generic Names

One way to make your construction company to stand out is by protecting its name, tagline and other symbols associated with it. Such brand protection can only be possible if you select a company name that isn’t generic. For instance, it may be hard for you to patent the name “Civil Contractors” because such a name is generic.
A naming agency will help you to select a name that you can legally protect as the unique identity of your construction company. You will then avoid the massive costs and inconveniences associated with having to re-brand each time that another firm uses your generic name to take a section of your existing market/clients. You can use travel firm brandnames to understand how to name your business in the right way.

As you can see, the future success of your new construction company may be helped or hindered by the name that you select for that company. It is therefore advisable for you to get help from experienced naming agencies so that your company starts its journey with the best possible name that will make it to stand out from all other construction firms.

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